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Aboriginal Psychological Services is a group of Psychologists and Knowledge Keepers who work together to provide services to those in need. It is a collaboration of culturally informed Psychologists, Counselors, and Knowledge Keepers that provide quality of services towards the counseling process. Our traditional principles of kinship help us to support one another as well as supporting our clients.

Our Team

Leigh-anne Sheldon

I am a Member of the Swan River First Nation in Kinuso, Alberta and a Registered Psychologist. In 2011, I earned my Masters in Counselling Psychology from City University of Seattle. I have 15 years of working with Indigenous groups. My area of research focuses on Indigenous people and effective counselling strategies.  I had the opportunity to be a Clinical Supervisor at a Night Wind Treatment Center for Indigenous Youth and Edmonton Drug Treatment program. I continue to work with people whom struggle with their addictions as well as those whom suffer from mental health concerns.  As an Indigenous Person, I have a passion for working in this field. I continuously learn from Elders about how our culture can act as a tool for healing.  Also, I personally carry the grassroots teachings on a daily basis.  As a volunteer, I assisted in the creation of an Indigenous reading program for the Slave Lake Catholic School Systems.  Furthermore, I created a Community Playgroup Program in Slave Lake to connect parents to community resources.  My cultural and life experiences have provided me with an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.  When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my partner and children. I continue to live through our teachings of wellness and balance valued in our Medicine Wheel.  I have two practices; Leigh's Counselling Services and Executive Director of Indigenous Psychological Services. 

Thank you for your time,
Leigh-anne Sheldon
Registered Psychologist.

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Frank Shannon


Frank Shannon of the Haida Nations, Eagle clan, currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta. He makes his way with his family, annually, to hunt, gather and maintain strong cultural connections in his community, Old Massett, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. He and his wife Doris value their children experiencing the resurgence of culture and his Nation moving towards health and healing from hurts of the past. He has been honoured for over the last 18 years to share and learn with the many First Nations people and communities in the Edmonton area. Currently, Frank, works at Aboriginal Counseling Services Of Alberta, where he completes assessments for children and youth in the care of Child and Family Services. He assists them in attaining greater self regulation and resilience from their traumatic experiences as well as provides recommendations to caregivers in the community. Frank continues to co-facilitate educational circles for men in the areas of family violence and parenting. He has worked for 12 years as an Aboriginal Cultural Helper in acute health care advocating, assisting and supporting patients as well as families during their hospital stay. He has worked with community Elders through ceremony as well as by raising cultural awareness to provide support to hospital patients, family and staff. He has provided cultural resource training to frontline staff in the area of grief and loss, addictions focusing on the impact of intergenerational trauma. In 2006 he was introduced to the Canadian Foundation for Trauma Research and Education (CFTRE) where he began learning about Self Regulation Therapy and the impact of trauma on our neurophysiology. In 2010 he became a board member for the CFTRE, also assists in trainings. In 2015 – 2018 enrolled and completed Peter Levine’s somatic experiencing trauma program, beginners, intermediate, advanced levels. In Frank’s professional practice he incorporates working with his knowledge of the human nervous system and his cultural teachings. He helps people build capacity and connect to their physiological resources so that they can move towards their health and resilience. Frank believes working with a somatic approach contributes in creating sustainable healthy communities one nervous system at a time.


Frank is not under the Provider list for First Nations and Inuit Health Branch. Please contact Frank regarding fees for services.

Contact: 825-436-4357