Our counselling process

Each psychologist and service providers will have their own therapeutic approach, but our common goal is to provide quality services that are sensitive to the unique challenges faced by Indigenous people, families, and communities. Our service providers may not be skilled in certain areas, and if so will discuss options for referrals in these cases.​

  •        Counselling is neurological and embodied approach;

  •        Trauma and resource-informed perspectives;

  •         Psychological techniques that centre around emotional burden                                                          trans-generational trauma, lateral violence and multiple forms of abuse;

  •         Providing a holistic approach and application of the Medicine Wheel or other             Cultural techniques that are healing;

  •         Providing awareness around systematic oppression, intergenerational and                   complex  trauma;

  •         Value acceptance, transparency, respect, and kindness.

  •         We embodying the importance of relationships and collaboration.

  •         For many off our clients there is an importance of not only the individual but.             family, community and society.

  •         Understanding and respecting the multiple and intersecting identities of                     Indigenous peoples, such as: Status, Non-Status, Metis, Inuit, First Nations;  

  •         Connecting and referring to resources, as well as, different funding                               opportunities available

  •         Contains a gentle and client focused approach; 

  •         Each Counsellor and psychologist is under their individual entity and vary with           in their own scope of practice.

  •         Each psychologist must oblige by the standards and regulations set by CAP               and HPA.  They are responsible for their own actions. 


        Our Guiding principles