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Aboriginal Psychological Services

Indigenous Psychological 


Due to Covid 19, services have changed to include Telehealth and In=Person.
We are currently transitioning into Indigenous psychological services

Clients need to book online   
Please check out our new website:

Virtual Admin is available Tuesdays and Fridays. 
please call or Text (587) 594-9855


Psychologists and Counsellors whom work together to help the needs of our  Clients. Our team is guided by the Medicine Wheel.


Aboriginal Psychological Services is a group of Psychologists, Counsellors and Knowledge Keepers who work together to provide services to those in need. It is a collaboration of culturally informed
Psychologists, Counsellors, and Knowledge Keepers that provide quality of services towards the
counseling process. Our traditional principles of kinship help us to support one another as well
as supporting our clients.


Aboriginal Psychological Services was created to provide quality of services to clients as well as be a continuous support for each other. Psychologist and Counselors are educated on the effective strategies to help our clients as wells as understanding the societal pressures that are placed upon them. Our services also help clients connect to cultural practices.

Each psychologist and counsellor is not responsible for the actions of psychologists listed on this website. The purpose of this website is to connect services to those whom are interested in seeking Indigenous Counselling.  

Our Services

If you have Treaty Status or have been impacted by Residential School System, you are entitled to 20 Counselling sessions. First Nations Inuits Health Branch (FNIB) and Jordan's Principle allow many of our clients the opportunity to seek professional help. Our  Psychologists fall under the guidelines of FNIB and can provide counselling that is covered by FNIB.


Our services can include: Staff and Frontline Training, Consultation and Workshops regarding Trauma and Substance Abuse. We work with different schools, work places and treatment centres 


We provide individual, family and group counselling. Our rates will vary.

We provide smudge and proper protocols to honour 

the helping and sharing process. 




Counselling Process

Counselling is neurological and embodied approach;

Trauma and resource-informed perspectives;

Psychological techniques that centre around emotional burden trans-generational trauma, lateral violence and multiple forms of abuse; 

Providing a holistic approach and application of the Medicine Wheel or other Cultural techniques that are healing;

Providing awareness around systematic oppression, intergenerational and complex trauma;

Value acceptance, transparency, respect, and kindness


We embodying the importance of relationships and collaboration.


COVID 19 safety info 

Telehealth Sessions: 


Frank Shannon, Warren Winnipeg and Leigh Sheldon are offering Telehealth Sessions.

Protocols include:

Clients must complete an informed consent and Prior Approval form for FNIB. All clients will need to confirm their session date through email. 

Clients are asked to download Zoomicloud and they will receive an email invite at the time of their sessoin. Sessions require an email reply to the zoom link after the session as a signature of confirmation.

There are strengths and limitations to telehealth sessions. The client must be in a private and confidential space. The client must be comfortable with the use of technology. If Telehealth sessions are not ideal, referral will be made.

In -Person Sessions:

Clients that have flu-like symptoms, travelled outside the country in the last 14 days and underwent a resent COVID test, will need to rebook a session at a later date. Clients are to isolate if they tested postive or have come into recent contact. 


Leigh Sheldon

Leigh Anne Sheldon is a Registered Psychologist and a member of the Swan River First Nation in Kinuso, Alberta.  Leigh's training includes: Somatic Attachment First Year, three training sessions and Beginner Level One of Peter Levines Somatic Experiencing. Telehealth counselling for Mental Health Professionals accredited through PESI.  

Ms. Sheldon has been working with Indigenous Peoples as a Counsellor for fifteen (15) years.  She has experience in Treatment Centres and Schools where she has worked with at-risk youth. Ms. Sheldon works in Northern Alberta and Edmonton Area. Currently, she is only doing Telehealth sessions due to COVID pandemic. Telehealth sessions can be provided to anyone in the Alberta area.

Email: leighannesh@yahoo.ca



Frank Shannon

Frank Shannon, a counsellor from  Haida Nations, Eagle clan, currently resides in Edmonton, Alberta. He is accredited by The Canadian Foundation For Trauma and Research and Education (CFTRE) and Advance Level in PeterLevine's Somatic Experiencing Trauma Program. He maintains a strong cultural connections in his community, Old Massett, Haida Gwaii, British Columbia. Frank is only seeing clients through Telehealth. Telehealth sessions can be provided to anyone in Alberta.  Frank rates are reflective of counselling and are not covered by insurance or FNIB.

Frank Shannon 

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Head Office 
Box 917 Enoch AB T7X 3Y3

West End Location:
#104-17510 103 AvE 


We, as an agency, acknowledge and grieve for the 215 children whose bodies were recently discovered in Kamloops. This is a horrific tragedy and sadly, it is just one of many tragic stories that are finally starting to be told. The conversation around the abuse of indigenous people and specifically around what was happening in the Residential Schools, is just beginning.  This will be a painful process but only through comprehending and acknowledging the full breadth of the darkness, can hope and healing come. The process of understanding the past will continue for some time AND will continue to cause much pain. Considering that the last residential school in Canada closed in 1996, we will all feel this pain for many years to come. Our children will feel this pain; and their children. 


Sadly, the discovery in Kamloops is similar to those found at many other sites in Canada. The mistreatment of Canada's Indigenous people was part of a larger systematic genocide of aboriginal peoples around the globe. All of this underscores the scope of what humanity can do and how those actions can impact us. Research shows that the impacts of experiences like the Residential Schools are so extreme, that they can affect up to 7 generations. 


Findings like those in Kamloops will very likely stir memories and emotions for many people. If you are suffering, please don't go through it alone. Please seek support from friends and family and professional counsel. It does not matter so much WHO you see, it just matters that you DO see someone that can help work through the trauma culturally and somatically. This burden is not yours to carry but is a byproduct of a colonial system that even today can have a hold,  keeping us in a state of suffering. Please tell your story, seek education regarding this matter and seek support. We need to have more conversations and more awareness of how we as a people and as individuals carry complex trauma. 


Research into how to support people who have been traumatized is ongoing but there are a few things to keep in mind:

It is important that psychologists, counselors and mental health therapists are educated and have the latest research about the impacts of Residential Schools on our nervous systems and brain function. We need to be trauma-informed and help bridge our counselling services to cultural practices. The culture can help mend the spirit, trauma therapy and neuroplasticity can re-wire the brain and allow the nervous system to access health. These are specific modalities that are needed in order to help the client. For this reason, on-going training is important to an understanding of how to help clients.